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Ladies first! – the cars of EMS in best company

With bonus pictures from EMS 2016!

According to the news of recent years, the lovely hostesses are an endangered species of the automotive world. I am reading ever more often about the major players abstaining from employing models and intriguing hostesses to sell their flagship products.

In fact the last few car shows I attended featured less and less personnel in general, but some things just can not be replaced by machines.

Outside the cold realms and professionalism dictated by official corporate strategies of multinational corporations, after-market equipment manufacturers and lifestyle-focused companies still venture to rely on stealing the show by its presenters.

It is also quite strange to see very traditional postal services finally catching up with the 20th century in their marketing strategies.

Even these modern days, tuning shows remained true to this kind of attraction and the Essen Motor Show is no exception.In fact EMS go even further to include show wash and body painting sessions. I remain curious to see where this trend will develop. Do we see a comeback or the last days of a long tradition?


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